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Otto Prestige, the service of VTC FASHION WEEK 

Your private driver VTC FASHION WEEK Otto Prestige is available to take you to Paris Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week throughout the week in this event back every six months in the capital.

Being brought to this event devoted to fashion and haute couture with your professional private driver will allow you to be assured of your good care and so do not have to worry about the impressive number of visitors who go to Fashion Week by public transport but also by car. No more risk of accidents or being trapped in traffic for hours, your professional private driver takes care of everything and you will enjoy his professionalism and his knowledge of Paris and its surroundings to make you enjoy a pleasant transport and without slowing down to be sure present from the beginning to the end of the evemenent without constraint. Your private VTCVTC FASHION WEEK takes care of your vehicle journeys and accompanies you during the whole event without compromising on a simple online booking via the provision of the transport VTC FASHION WEEK by Otto Prestige or simply comes to bring you and you Pick up at the beginning and end of the day via the simple online booking, indicating the address and departure time (and you can also book your return in advance at the same time as the outward journey).

Embark without delay in a comfortable vehicle with many amenities that will allow you to move easily and get where you want easily and efficiently.


Master Paris Driver