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Otto Prestige, alternative service to a Uber Charles-de-Gaulle

 You probably have a habit of booking a Uber Charles-de-Gaulle vehicle , or at least already heard about this very affordable transport. It has advantages, yes, but two major drawbacks: the price is not fixed in advance, you only know the approximate price that can go from double to double depending on the time you use this service, but also anyone can work on it. You never know who you will fall or what type of vehicle will support you. 


OttoPrestige bestows on these problems of Uber Charles-de-Gaulle easily with two main measures in his services:


A luxury transportation with a high-end alternative vehicle to a Uber Charles-de-Gaulle you choose yourself when you book online


A free quote online that you control 100%: the price is displayed precisely for all available vehicles, you make your choice and the rate validated and paid in advance will not change afterwards, no fee will be added to your journey.


In addition, on board the vehicle in charge of your transport, you will only have to enjoy your trip with the many accessories that your alternative to a  Uber Charles-de-Gaulle puts at your disposal. You will also be able to indicate your flight number during your reservation so that your professional and trained private driver will be able to adapt to your schedule.



Uber Charles-de-Gaulle